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My Manga + Anime Collection by Ishkie My Manga + Anime Collection by Ishkie
Thought I'd update this 'cause I'm bored :P

Um.. yeah. Actually included my other anime-related stuff too :P

So .. manga, it might be a bit difficult to read, so all the manga/novels (there are two novels) there from left to right are named below. I only wrote comments on some because my last manga collection update had comments on the things I didn't comment on here, if you wanna see those comments then go find the other manga collection picture, should be in my scraps (will put it there after I post this).

Death Note: Another Note

Cold Light - Bought this 'cause I wanted to try another anime novel. God this was so weird, I don't know if I enjoyed it or if I'm disturbed by it.

School Rumble vol. 1

Kill Me Kiss Me vol. 1

Rurouni Kenshin vol. 13

Kingdom Hearts vol. 1

Hero Tales vol. 1 - Bought this 'cause I saw 'Hiromu Arakawa' (FMA mangaka/author-person) on the spine, turns out it's not written by her, just drawn by her, the story is by someone else xD Still, the main character is practically Ed, his personality is so similar. Definitely Arakawa's drawing style xD

Go Go Heaven!! vol. 1

Death Note vol. 12

Bleach vol. 19 + 32 - Got vol. 32 'cause I wanted Grimmjow vs. Ichigo's last fight + Grimmjow's 'death' xD

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion vol. 1

Soul Eater vols. 1-3 - Got vol. 3 'cause I wanted Excalibur, doubt I'll buy more than this, though if Impact gets vol. 4 I might buy it :P

Black Cat vols. 1-3 - Got these 'cause ~Darzell said it was good and Amy started nagging me to read it, it's pretty good but not reaaally my kind of manga xD

Ouran High School Host Club vols. 1 + 4 - Got vol. 1 'cause I thought maybe I'd read the whole series, but something about the art style I just .. don't like, the story is great and all, just don't like the art :/

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) vols 1-2 - FFFF Love this series I want to own moar, I recently finished up to where the manga is currently up to (it's ongoing) last week and this manga is amazing. If you haven't read it you are missing out on epic shit, srs.

Fullmetal Alchemist vols. 1-6 + 11-13 + Extra booklet -
'Kay so I don't know where I was up to with the last manga collection picture.. but nowhere has frickin' vol. 7 so I decided I'll just get everything else and when somewhere gets vol. 7 I'll get it then, hence why some vols. are missing.
Also the little extra booklet in there is fuckin' tiny and has nothing written on the spine so I pointed it out there in a seperate picture, it's squished in there between Kuro vol. 2 and FMA vol. 1, it was an extra thing that came with vol. 12. At the end of every FMA vol. there are a few four panel .. sort of like crack comics that Arakawa has written for fun, and these are all compiled together in the little booklet, as well as something called like .. Bathroom Break Comics or something, which is quite amusing actually. The way they work is when a member of the staff working on FMA goes to the bathroom, they have to draw a panel of a small four panel comic strip, the next person who goes to the bathroom has to draw the next panel, and it goes on like this. The comic strips aren't planned, it's basically just make whatever the hell you want up so long as it goes with what the person before you drew, unless you're the first one in the four-panel strip, in which you have to start the comic, some of them are quite funny :P

That's it for manga..

The mug, lol, I bought that when the anime stuff stall was still in Woden :c
I've never used the mug, it just sits on my shelf getting dusty xD

The swords and the L keychains..
I disrespect those swords so much, I use them to put glue on the tiny tabs on the paper crafts (bottom of the picture) :P
The swords are all three of Ichigo's swords, so that first one (whatever the hell it's called), shikai and then bankai, took me ages to figure that out though, I thought the first-stage one was like some random's sword at first, it's not really big enough to be the first-stage one :P

The keychains, uh.. yeh I was gonna start a collection but sorta gave up 'cause they were bloody expensive for just keychains :P

Haha that first one was a Christmas present a friend made me, if you're wondering why it looks different to the other one. Giant Kon is giant. He also has a cape lol idk, that came with him. And yeh, Grimmjow plushie :P
I need more that just Bleach plushies :P

Paper crafts .. haha I can't be bothered to finish that Sebastian one. I put the other pieces to him in the picture too, you can see I've started one of his arms, but I got distracted while doing that and stopped xD
And.. yus, Prussia was goddamn hard to make, I couldn't figure out which pieces went where, it's hard to see here but he's got like, two little cape things, and I didn't know which one went on top, and like, nobody has made this paper craft, or if they have they haven't taken pictures of it, 'cause I couldn't find any references to help me, so I just did what I thought looked right xD
And yeh, America and Iggy. Iggy was the first one I made xD

Yaaay manga and anime craaaap xD
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TheUltimateHetaku Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Poor sebastian, he doesn't have legs D':
shinigamigirl23 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012   Digital Artist
YOU HAVE SOUL EATER FMA AAAAAAND BLACK BUTLER!!! I'm so envious! I have Black Butler but I'm DYING For Soul eater and FMA o.o I want them.
Ishkie Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
FMA isn't hard to get, really. I don't know where you live, but FMA is always in my local Barnes and Nobles. When I lived in Australia I always found it in Borders, although I preferred to get it from a local comic store that was slightly cheaper. Soul Eater and Black Butler are also usually there, they're not hard to find :)
shinigamigirl23 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012   Digital Artist
Thanks ^^ I'll try that..I do have a place where I am planning to go..There's lots of manga there
teesa343 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Ishkie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Pfft, hardly. I got rid of half of the manga when I left the country :P

Still enjoy it though ^^
teesa343 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
There is spot empty
MewPudding-chan Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
your fullmetal alchemist manga looks cooler than mine D: it looks different :/ i want it xD haha i have 1-6 too! than some rnadom volumes xD I wanna go finish your Sebastian paper craft xD I started making paper crafts yesterday :3 Iggy was my first too *D* ~ lol than Miku and Tsuna,,, o3o i need to find a template for kuroshitsuji >3<
Ishkie Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Yeah there are two different publishers for it I think, I prefer this publisher because it looks cooler and is cheaper (by like $2, but it's still cheaper xD), and if you take the cover sleeve off the front, there are funny little drawings by the author on the actual cover.
I think the other kind is more expensive because it's more durable (thicker pages), but I'm more delicate with my manga than I am with my computer, so I'm sure I can handle the less durable, cooler looking version xD

I made a Sealand paper craft the other day, he's so cute (but his hat/hair was so confusing to make x-x).
MewPudding-chan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
I def. wanna go order the cooler ones you own now xD I treat my manga delicately too xD and for the most part they just sit on my shelf xD its not to often i read them a second time i own like 82 xD,,,, though i do like to take out my Hetalia manga alot xD ((im a little too obsessed with Hetalia ^^;))

omg the Sealand one looks really hard xD well that hat/hair xD i'll probly mess up that part so bad XD
Ishkie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
Wow, you have heaps more manga than I do xD
Hopefully I'll catch up someday >w<
I wish I could get the Hetalia manga.. my local comic shop had it at one point, and my friend said she saw it there once, but I haven't seen it there at all, and their weekly email updates never have it anymore, I'm worried they stopped ordering it DDD:

I messed up one of Sealand's arms, I accidentally cut off one of the four sides, but managed to stealthily attach it in a way so that you can only tell that it's missing a side if you look at it from the back xD
Just a tip for the hat, if you make Sealand - it doesn't all completely attach to his head, don't worry if you can't figure out how it all attaches, because it's not meant to attach at all sides, I think it only attaches to two flaps xD
MewPudding-chan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011
i buy one manga almost every saturday xD (well i should say i get my gramma too haha XD) omg the same at my store some girl at my school said she saw it there and i was like no way >//<!! i had to order both volumes of mine XD only costed 14$ (for 1) you should order yours too : D it only takes a week for them to come in, at the most 2 ^^ omg ordering books is so easy at Coles xD you order it at the comp. and it prints out the recite than you go pay at the desk : D

I made Italy and Japan yesterday i put too much glue on there faces and there wrinkly Dx haha... i havnt made Italy's head yet i put it on top of Japans XD Hetalia totem pole xD.. omg my mom asked if i could make one to hang in her car lmao xD
Ishkie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011
I try to buy at least one manga every time I go out (which is every week or two during school time, and whenever I feel like it during holidays), but lately I haven't been able to go out very often lately so I haven't bought any manga recently :c
I wish I could order the Hetalia manga.. I don't really like ordering things ^^; .. I might email the store and ask if they still have it. They have this thing called 'standing orders' which you can do for comic books, but not for manga. It's where you have them hold a comic book for you until you can go get it (they'll hold for like 2 weeks I think). I wish they did it for manga >.<

Is Coles a book or comic store in Canada? If it is then I find that funny because we have a store called Coles here, but it's basically the same thing as Woolworths xD

Yeah you have to be careful how much glue you use - what kind of glue do you use? When I first started I used tape instead of glue .. it doesn't work very well xD
That's cool how your mom wants one to hang in her car, I wish my mom was that cool, my parents don't really understand the things I like xD
MewPudding-chan Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
omg mega-ly fail late reply x_X!!! I hate waiting for my ordered books to cone in >P xDD,,, ,they should do it for manga >_< there comics too D: just from japan and better xD

Coles is just a regular book store xD its owned by Chapters books store and Indigo bookstore xDD well something like that xD

When i first made a papercraft i used wood glue cause it was the only glue i had XD now i have regular crayola liquid glue.. i think i got the hang of gluing now hopefully xD ,,,omg in my last reply i lied i said "i hadn't made Italy's head yet" but i really meant i hadn't made his body xD i just have his head on top of Japans XD...sadly i still haven't made his body xD I made Naked France though xD and cut out Canada and reg. France :3

haha my moms cool sometimes but she gets mad at my obsessive-ness XD and calls me a nerd xD
Ishkie Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
I don't remember what I had made before my last reply .. but since then I think I have made War-of-Independence (there's probably a more appropriate word but I don't remember it) England and America, and I also made a llama :B

School has started back up so I probably won't be making paper crafts for awhile because I honestly can't be bothered xD

I need something fun to do online other than dA and Youtube, I'm getting bored of everything I do online .. I need a game to play or something D:
Xo-lostface-oX Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Lol Darz again.

Was Cold Light any good? XD
Ishkie Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Gahhh I'll talk to you about it when you get on msn, but .. iunno what to say about it xD
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